Saturday, September 30, 2006

Secrets and Not so secrets

So I went out last night with a good friend of mine and after dinner and a movie, we got to talking in the car as I was driving her home.

We ended up talking for a good hour I think, and the conversation was very good, and really intriguing. I feel this way mostly because it was reflective, existential in nature, and about a lot of stuff that I have actully been pondering myself for about a month now. Blame it on my upcoming Birthday (28 days and counting !!), but I always seem to get reflective this time of year.

Now here's the interesting part, in the course of our conversation, I decided to tell her about a recent experience I've had, that I haven't talked to anybody about. So of course it stared with the following disclamer "now I haven't told any body about this, so I would appreciate if you wouldn't say anything."
"Sure, I never do, but I would like to point out to you, that you always say that, then I hear somebody else talking about it"
"What, no!"
"yes, like that time you told me about XXX, the I hear YYY talking about XXX"
"I told YYY about XXX!! And then she told you?"
"Well it was me you and YYY in the car, and she was talking about it with you"
"OMG! I totally don't remember telling anybody about XXX, it's a pretty embarassing story."
"Yep, you did"

Unbelievable!! I'm a total blabbermouth about myself! I wonder what it is that shifts me from not talking to telling it all - with like no pause in the middle?

Now that I've had time to think about it, I think I've told several people about XXX.
Funny, then I must need to forget, like a self-preservation mechanism.

Well, if my life can offer any humor to yours, then I guess the information is worth sharing.
Imagine what life would be like if we could never find humour in difficult or embarassing situations, it would SUCK!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Guffaws in other languages

Working in both English and French has offered me plenty of learning opportunities, see the following examples:

Earlier this week I learned how to put a mob hit on somebody in French "Je vais engagé quel-qu'un, et mettre un contract sur la tête de ..."

Two weeks ago I acidentally told someone that a counsellor has a Mistress (Maitress) in Social Work as opposed to a Master's (Maitrise) in Social work.

Just this morning I succumbed to slang use and told someone that I sometimes deal (dealé) with high risk situations. Please note that this is actual slang used in Quebec - they do that to the F-Word as well as in F---é. (Although this use is not considered as profane as other terms used in French - and magically not confused with Seals)

But I think the Piece de Resistance for me was not in speaking French at work but actually Arabic to my family, where I confused the terms Sick (E-it) and Naked (Er-it). I told my aunts and cousins that "my Mom got very naked after eating some uncooked salad vegetables on her last trip to Egypt".

Thankfully, I manage to always be understood, even if it is with a chuckle!

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Woes of being Single

On Saturday we had a Pastor come over to visit to pray for my aunt who has been very sick for a couple of weeks.

So he comes in, sits down, looks straight at me and says "next time I come over, I don't need to see a new car, what I'd like to see is your groom".
To which I reply "yeah, me too!"

So then he starts grilling me on all the stuff I'm doing to find me a husband - I told him I faithfully take out my sandwich board and bell wandering the streets of the city nightly taking applications. (ok, I didn't actually say that, but I really was thinking it)

Then he starts making suggestions around finding someone "back home" - right, just what I need a mail-order husband.

I will let you imagine how wonderfully enhancing to my self-esteem this conversation was ('cause you know since nobody in this Country obviously wants me - well there's always the guys in other countries looking for immigration)

So finally he finishes his exposition and turns to my aunt to ask about her health. And I think Phew!
Ah poor naive me - to think it might have been over.

As he's leaving he turns to me and says "I'd like to give you a little more advice"
"you just need a little bit of diet and exercise, just a little ok? Do you exercise"
"Yes I do, I run 3 times a week actualy"
"oh, ok well then just a little bit of diet then. It's ok because you're tall, but just a little bit of diet". (heaven forbid if if I was short and fat there would be no hope for me, but since I'm tall and fat, some guy may just be willing to settle for me).

What was up with this guy???

I don't think he could have picked on anything else - unless he started telling me I was too smart and shouldn't have gotten all my degrees.

Well at least now I know what's standing in my way - me.

So here I sit in Starbucks, all wired up (woo hoo) and I'm scanning the room....
By the way, I'm still accepting applications ;)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Never Too Late To Start

Ok so this is my first attempt at a Blog - I hope it's not abysmal.

It's Sunday evening - and I've been home most of the day - well I went to Church this morning and then went to lunch after church.
And I'm a little bored! Somehow I'm always bored when I'm home.

I had tons of stuff to do today, and I came home from lunch all set to attack my mile long to do list. And I got it all done, then it was 4:30pm and I was again bored.
Sometimes I wish I wasn't so efficient! Well that's not true, I just wish I didn't get bored so quickly.

Unluckily I start work at 7am tomorrow - so not much of today left for me - I'm going to do my best to transition from bored to sleeping in a few short hours. Probably skipping the tired step - seeing as I've been lazing around bored for most of the afternoon.