Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Seven Year Itch

It's been 7 years, well in November it'll be 7. 
And in truth, I've been very happy. 
Well, ok, I've started taking it for granted. 
I don't feel that same rush of excitement I used to feel at every look, every drive.  My pride of ownership has diminished. 

And lately my eye has started to wander.
I never thought it would happen to me, and I really have no legitimate reasons to be discontent....
When I signed the contract, I made this commitment for the life of my vehicle - and it's been a very very good car to me.

Ever since I caught my first glimpse of the new Nissan Juke - I can't stop looking.
I don't know why I am so enamoured - but man did I fall hard.

My grandmother always said "love is blind, and lovers can not see" -  I never considered how that extended outside of romantic love.
I don't know a thing about the Juke - no ideas about it's safety rating, fuel efficiency, repair history, resale value - not even how it drives. 
I have completely lost my heart over the superficial appearance of it.

And my mom is shockingly not helping.  My naturally frugal mother, when I told her I really like the new Juke and find myself thinking about buying one more and more often actually encouraged me to go for it!
Who are you, and what have you done with my mother?!?

If this is what marriage is like, oh boy am I in trouble!  No wonder people lease instead of buy.


Emma said...

Huh, I'll have had my car now for 9 years and while I now acknowledge it wasn't necessarily the best choice (it was what I was use to) I've never been in much hurry to replace it. Even now as it sits immobile in our driveway, I pray that the fix will be affordable and not spell the end of her. I suppose it extends from my overall aversion to shopping. The bigger the price tag the harder it is to shop.

ghanima said...

Oh, Miriam, no! That vehicle is the Colin Farrell of automobiles: sleek, a bit intimidating and ultimately likely to be no good.

I mean, Hell, if you're gonna break it off with your current commitment, go for the Alex Denisof, not the Colin Farrell.

NotWeasel said...

Well... to counter ghanima's comment... while I realize that it's most likely out of your price range (are you engaged to a Saudi prince or anything?) it's worth noting that they ARE making the Juke R available for sale.

Just throwing it out there. I'd totally rock that one! :)