Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ho Hum

And so it continues...

Life has been plodding along at it's usual pace with several enjoyable blips lately.

In June I got to be a part of Emma and Austin's Engagement - even though I was the only one who was in the dark as to what was going on. But as Emma said, at least one of us got to be surprised!

In July I bought a Condo - yes my first home, and attached "contract until death" roughly translated as a Mortgage.

I went to St. Jacob's for the first time.

I planted 3 seeds that have not died yet - FINALLY something that lives! Although I have had to bring them into the office for the extra support of 2 very green-thumbed co-workers.

Last night I had supremo seats to the Jays game - I won them @ work. Company seats are very nice. And we won 7-0!

In August I get to move in to my place.

And in between these flashes of joy, the everyday business of living continues.

I'm kind of making it sounds depressing.
It's not, it's mostly just boring.

And it always continues.......