Friday, October 02, 2009

Dream analysts unite!

I had the absolute weirdest dream last night (technically this morning).
So strange in fact (well strange and unprecedented for me) that I sat in bed thinking about it for a good half an hour after I woke up.

Ok so Here's how the dream played out:
It's midday, and I have a meeting for some committee for Church (maybe I dreamed this part because I just got an email from Pastor Steve about facilities use?).
So we're meeting in a chapter's like cafe.
I go rushing in because I am late (as usual), and see Brent and Nathaniel sitting at a table. I am about to approach them, when I suddenly realize that I am almost completely naked. I am saved from total ruin by a pair of white cotton undies. (I have NEVER dreamed of myself as naked before)

Of course I freak out. But I don't want anybody else to know that I am freaking out or draw attention to myself in any way. So I hide behind a conveniently placed stack of books and pop my head out and start casually chatting with the boys. Then Kevin comes along, and walks in from right behind me. Thankfully not noticing my state of undress, or that anything is out of the ordinary. (phew!)
Next come Amy and Boomer together. And Amy of course notices, and of course exclaims rather loudly about my condition, drawing attention to us. I am mortified! Now everyone in our party and the entire store has been made aware of my situation.

So Amy and Boomer walk around the store to find me some clothes to put on. And of course in my magical dream world, the bookstore/cafe suddenly has racks of clothes in it (that I didn't notice before). So they grab me a white long sleeved T. There are some cirque du soleil moments as I try to put the shirt on without revealing any skin, hiding behind the stack of books.

once the shirt is on, I feel a little less constricted in my ability to move around. I wander through the stacks of clothes and find a red sheath dress, which I put on on-top of the long sleeved T. So I go from too little dress, to a little too much. And I look ridiculous with white sleeves sticking out of a red dress.

but I hold my head up high - thanks to the total and complete mortification of my experience, and walk what I hope looks calmly to the table where the guys are seated, and try to act like nothing happened.

Then I woke-up.