Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What's in my Head

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Thursday, April 05, 2012


I had Monday off work, and decided to pick-up some groceries on my way to ballet that evening.

I picked some recipes, and made a grocery list of the ingredients.
It's about 6pm,  I'm in my dance gear - which is much more functional than pretty...and I am armed with my list.

I pack my basket full of my items, and make my way to the check-out, with just enough time to spare, so I'm not late for ballet.  This cute guy with protruding ears (like the MAD magazine guy) lines up behind me.  He starts making idle chit chat.

First he says "well we know where the all the chicken went" 
I am totally lost, I kinda smile at him awkwardly and turn back around....then I realize that the lady 2 in front of me has stacks and stacks of packages of chicken.  So now I get it, but I don't really know how to respond, I would looked weird to say something witty now - if I could think of something witty (which of course I can't).

Then I go to put my items on the belt, I am able to fit about a third of my basket on the metal part, and am trying to precariously balance it with one hand, as I load my groceries on the the belt with the other hand. 
So he puts out his hand to steady the basket for me, so I can use both my hands to place my groceries on the belt.  It was very kind, I say "Thank you".

I now go to pay, and my debit card is taking a long time to process.... I say "come on, come on" quietly to the terminal.  He says "I think that's a sign that you should pay for mine" and smiles.
I kinda laugh awkwardly......

(Wow! just reading this makes me cringe....I was so awkward!)

So now, I'm packaging my groceries, and he is packaging his next to me, and I look over and notice that we have selected many of the same things.  I say, "It looks like we have the same taste in groceries"  (seriously?!? what a stupid thing to say!!) and he says "I try".

That ends our ridiculous exchange, and I head off to my car.  I am now in the car and ready to drive away, when he comes out and gets in the car parked right in front of me.  At this point I am so embarrassed at my awkward behaviour that I put on my sunglasses as camouflage (even though it's 7pm, and nowhere near sunny) and drive away.

No wonder I am single......

makes for a pretty funny story