Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year, New You!

2008 already!

As mentioned in previous posts, I am not one for New Year's Resolutions. I become more reflective and tend to make resolutions around my birthday. but I do find it very interesting to watch how geared-up our culture gets about resolutions.

Yesterday, on the Women's Network the entire day's worth of programming was about Diet and Weight Loss.

Today, my first day back at work since before Christmas, I've already had 3 conversations about people wanting to "eat right" or "loose weight" or "get fit".

I wonder what it is about January 1st that gets people so focused on "bettering myself". Why not Mach 12th?

Hey, we could invent a holiday - a "Make me into something I'm not day" or "Resolution Day" for short. And the whole purpose of the day is to decide on 3 resolutions. 3 Life Changing things that we can market as manageable and talk about turning it into baby steps, etc....

We could play it like New Year's eve and say that the point of the holiday is to find 5 friends who have similar goals, and then you countdown to Midnight - the start of the date - then you yell "Happy New Me!!!!!!!!" And we take it from there.

Heck it would be another Holiday and with some creative marketing we might even be able to get the government to turn it into a STAT holiday.

Now we just need a date....hmmmm...maybe in November or April? This year, they're the only months without a STAT holiday.

Who's with me?!