Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Side of the Bed

Have you ever heard it said that everybody's got a "side" of the bed.

I always thought that was a bit of an unusual phenomenon. How is one's side of the bed determined exactly? And what happens if you start sharing a bed with someone who has the same side as you do - who trumps whom?

I never really gave the theory much credence.

So for the past 10 years I slept in a single bed. Which basically means that I didn't have a side of the bed - the whole bed was my side. In fact the twin was a little short, and my feet always hung over the edge as well.

As a result of having a twin for so long, I am not a mover in my sleep. I basically just slip under the covers, fall asleep, no movement, and slip back out in the morning. To make the bed most days, I just sort of smooth out the sheets, because not much has been disturbed.

When I got my own place the one piece of furniture I splurged on was my bed. In fact it remains currently the only piece of furniture I own. And I got a great queen size bed!
I sort of arbitrarily chose the right side of the bed to sleep on. And for the first 3 months my usual patterns and habits of sleep prevailed. Only this time my feet do not hang over the edge of the bed.

So I had this brainstorm last week. I figured that I own the whole bed, and I didn't want the work of having to rotate the mattress. So I decided to simply switch the side that I sleep on every 3 months in order for the bed to wear evenly. And as an added bonus that places the alarm clock on the far side, and might make sure that I actually get up when it goes off, because I can't reach the snooze.

Apparently I DO have a side of the bed. Because I have not had a decent night's sleep since the switch. And I toss and turn continuously. I know because my sheets are this huge tumble in the morning, and making the bed now takes me more that the 15 seconds it used to.

Ok but what made my body decide that the right side was my side of the bed, and now that I'm on the left something is wrong. I had no real side of the bed for 10 years, and now in 3 months my body is fixed?

The stubborn side of me is sort of refusing to simply switch back to the right side. I want to conquer this troubled sleep on the left side thing. But then the rational part of me says, I'll just find myself in the same predicament in 3 months time when I try and switch back.

Ah well, one more thing to add to my interview questions for a potential spouse "What side of the bed do you sleep on?" Cause it looks like the right side has been claimed!

Monday, December 10, 2007

It's Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so I've been trying to be as frugal as I can, and have sucked-it-up, plugged my nose, put on surgical gloves and have been buying my produce from the Price Chopper, No Frills and Food Basics in my neighbourhood.

So several weeks back, Ok about 6 weeks back, I bought celery (I can't remember from which one) because it was like 47 cents for a stalk.

So as I may have mentioned in previous posts, I have a hard time eating food before it spoils - and I still end up throwing some stuff out. Although I have discovered that some types of produce last a surprisingly long time.

So the celery lasted about 3 weeks, untouched in my crisper in the fridge. Then one day, I get home from work, and I want a snack, and I remember the celery and figure that would make a nice snack.

I take it out of the fridge, peel off a couple of ribs, and place them on the edge of the sink in prep for the washing, and put the rest of celery back in the bag, in order to return it to the fridge.

And out of the corner of my eye, I notice a little something on one of the ribs of celery - looked sort of like a leaf that was starting to expire.
So I figured I could flick it into the garbage with my little finger.

I pull the trash bin out from under the sink, and simultaneously reach in towards the celery with my pinky.
As my pinky makes contact, the object moves. Yup, I said moves!
Upon closer inspection, my "leaf" turned out to be a worm.

yup, a WORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In my celery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It had been living in my fridge for 3 whole weeks!

I flipped out.
I grabbed the offending celery, and the other ribs, and flung them into the trash.
I opened the fridge and proceeded to trash every piece of fresh produce in my fridge.
Then I tied-up the trash and removed it immediately to the trash chute and out of my place.

And because I can't remember where I bought it, it has put me off buying produce at all.

So for the past 2 weeks, my fridge has been completely devoid of all fruits and vegetables.

If the next time you see me, I look a little pale and undernourished - It's probably Rickets.