Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Toot Toot!

You probably all know that I have been taking a contemporary dance class since September @ Seneca college with my friend Mel.
And I love it!

So my class is on Monday nights, my instructor's name is Jennifer (she rocks!) and we have about 7 people in the class.

I really do love it!

And in last night's class while working on the floor work portion of a routine..... I tooted.
Yes, you read right, I tooted - out loud.


I kinda said "oops, excuse me" and without missing a beat my instructor said "Perfectly Normal" and kept on with the class.

Well the next time we had to do the floor work, I was kinds dragging my heels, and when my instructor looked at me inquiringly I said "I'm kinda worried to lie down again, I'm just so embarrassed" and she said "don't worry about it, I'll fart too if you like" and proceeded to twist her face in a simulation of straining and turned red.

We all laughed.

She broke the tension and awkwardness, and we motored along with our routine.

So if asked, that is for sure the highlight and the most embarrassing moment of my week so far....
Hopefully I don't find myself a more embarrassing situation before the week is up.