Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jet Setting

I think I may just officially qualify for jet setter status at this point in time.
The first qualifier is that the staff at the hotel counter now know me by name - I've checked in and out weekly for the past couple of week and will continue to do so for the next little while.

I recognize the airline counter folks - there's a super cutie named Andrew who has a British accent at the Porter counter in the Ottawa airport.

And I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sick of eating out.
I never thought I would ever say that. Normally a restaurant meal is one of my favourite things. But having to eat out for breakfast, lunch and dinner for so long, is just not as fun as having it as a treat.
I have also had some very yucky restaurant food this last week.

So listen to my twisted, incorrect logic. I had this mediocre Greek food from a restaurant by the office on Thursday night. I didn't like it too much, so I ate less than half. So then I decided to get the rest packed-up for lunch the next day.
Well, in reality food that doesn't taste good does not magically start to taste better after being microwaved the next day.
But I just couldn't bring myself to throw it out. :(

In Arabic there is an expression, "kosara ya batni, l'a ti kob il tabik". Loosely translated it means, better to spoil my stomach than throw away food. I have been raised on that principle and it's a hard habit to break.

On the flip side, I have had some very amazing food - I tried authentic Poutine from a Pattaterie in Quebec for the first time, it was awesome!

So I have my fingers crossed for some great home cooking this week-end, courtesy of my Mom and more enjoyable culinary adventures next week.


Joy said...

Do you have a fridge and/or microwave in your hotel room? (I know you mentioned a microwave but don't know if that is in your room or not.)

Emma said...

Yeah, if you had a fridge you could totatly get some milk or yogurt and buy some cereal or something. Next time your work sends you away so long you should have them send you to a
"residence" inn. They come with little kitchens and sitting rooms. Your cooking options are still limited, but at least you don't have to eat out every night.

Austin said...

There's an awesome deli downtown called Nate's (google "Nate's Ottawa", it's on Rideau Street). They have the best montreal smoked meat I know of in Ottawa.

That being said... it's the only place I've had montreal smoked meat in Ottawa, but it beats the pants off of anything you can get at a grocery store, and the only time I've had better was from Montreal's Schwartz's.